Our Weather Services

We provide a whole range of weather forecasts on a national or local scale. Our most popular weather service is a 14-day weather forecast emailed 3 times a week for ANY location in the Mediterranean. We also provide personalized forecasts to farmers, hotels, lodges, radio and television stations, businesses and companies, and to anyone else interested in wanting to know in advance the weather forecast for a particular place. As already pointed out, the weather forecast  is completely personalized in order to obtain accuracy and efficiency.

For enthusiasts in yachts and boats, for surfers, windsurfers, jet skiers and divers, and marine leisure operators – we can help you make the most of your time and money. We can provide you with our mobile services to ensure you have detailed weather information whenever you need it. We can provide you with detailed 3-hourly daily forecasts or 14-day forecasts for your exact location both on land and sea, request gale warnings, as well as receiving 14-day forecasts for any Mediterranean destination. These forecasts or warnings are available via the Internet, email, fax, or by SMS on your mobile phone.

Just click on the weather forecast below and you will be taken to our online shop where you can choose the number of forecasts you need. Please note that you will NOT be charged shipping even though you must still choose the country you live in.

1-day Weather Forecast by email or SMS: Cost – €5.00
3-day Weather Forecast by email or SMS: Cost – €7.00
5-day Weather Forecast by email or SMS: Cost – €10.00
7-day Weather Forecast by email or SMS: Cost – €15.00
10-day Weather Forecast by email or SMS: Cost – €20.00
14-day Weather Forecast by email or SMS: Cost – €30.00

But why do we provide such weather services? Naturally it is simple and quick to answer! First thing in the morning many of us want to know the weather for that day, to be able to plan for the day, to be able to decide which activities can be done, to protect the crops, to protect the camping site, to begin jobs in the open air, etc! For a hotel an accurate weather forecast would be of great benefit indeed! For example, at breakfast time, it could offer the hotel guests that day’s weather forecast or else to hang it on the hotel notice board! It would be a valid and necessary instrument in order to plan outdoor activities, excursions, sailing, swimming in the sea, etc.