About Us

This website is run by Meteo Malta. We are group of weather forecasters who have a lot of experience in observing and forecasting the weather for many years now. We specialise in weather forecasts for Malta, Europe and the Mediterranean. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our weather forecasts and we provide our clients with the best and quickest weather forecasts around.

We provide our many clients with the latest, up-to-date weather forecasts – 3-hourly daily weather forecasts or forecasts up to 14-day ahead for any location in Europe or in the Mediterranean Sea.

Everything about the weather interests us – with a bias towards the dramatic and spectacular.  We like comparing charts, sat images, etc. with what actually happens. We love the weather in autumn and winter best because of the various storms and bad weather that occur. In particular we like watching rough seas and being in bad weather, especially thunderstorms and hail storms.

Weather interests us most because of its unpredictable nature and its wonderful and awesome phenomena. No man can duplicate the beauty of a rainbow, the fury of a thunderstorm or the gentleness of a soft breeze. Wintry weather interests us most because it changes continuously, presenting different cloud formations all the time and has the most interesting weather phenomena out of the four seasons. In particular we like observing vicious weather, such as cloudbursts, strong gales, hailstorms and tornadoes/waterspouts.

But why do we provide such weather services? Naturally it is simple and quick to answer! First thing in the morning many of us want to know the weather for that day, to be able to plan for the day, to be able to decide which activities can be done, to protect the crops, to protect the camping site, to begin jobs in the open air, etc! For a hotel an accurate weather forecast would be of great benefit indeed! For example, at breakfast time, it could offer the hotel guests that day’s weather forecast or else to hang it on the hotel notice board! It would be a valid and necessary instrument in order to plan outdoor activities, excursions, swimming in the sea, etc.

So put your mind at rest by subscribing to our weather forecasts by contacting us NOW. Don’t let the weather have the last laugh!